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My six-year public record is one of conservatism. Fiscally, I have consistently voted against increases in the County Option Income Tax. Earlier this year, I voted to reduce COIT by over $18 million over three years. In 2005, I voted against (one of only five) the $700 million stadium proposal on principal and because it was ill-founded financially. With $1 billion in debt outstanding, I voted to have visitors stabilize it, not the tax payers of my district.

Also in 2005, I voted against (one of only five) the $550 million water company variable rate bond issue. I was the only one to object on the basis of the riskiness of the variable rate bonds. In 2009, I voted to convert this to fixed rate debt after the debt ballooned nearly $80 million due to interest rate risk.

In 2006, I voted against (one of only five) the Simon Headquarters on the basis that it was nearly $20 million in corporate welfare, gave away precious public open space, and blocked the view between the Indiana Convention Center and the Statehouse. Simon was not threatening to move their corporate headquarters from Marion County.

I have secured landscaping medians in Stop 11 and a commitment to build a bark park for the northeast corner of Sherman Drive and County Line Road in the Spring of 2010. My accomplishments include securing funding for over $13 million in construction projects for street re-surfacing and sewer projects.